• If you are looking for sound and proven ideas on how to grow your direct selling business then you are at the right place. Being one of the market leaders in MLM software industry , we have vast experience in direct selling market and we can provide every required feature to run an effective Business.

    A well written MLM business plan will help communicate not only with your future creditors; it lays a blueprint on how you are going to manage your business. Set out your management goals and procedures first; this way you will have a guide on fall back on when time starts crunching. Your business marketing and advertising strategies should also be in your business plan. Some of the well-known plans are

1. Binary plan.

2. Board plan.

3. Matrix plan.

4. Generation Plan.

Flexible To Integrate
    • Our Software provides complete flexibility.
Self Replicating Website
    • Member who joins your company will get their own self replicated Web Pages with unique URL.
Online Shopping Cart
    • online product ordering system helps you to manage order and helps members to order product 24*7
Membership Management
    • Professionally manage membership data. Various reports related with membership account are available. Activate, deactivate member, check profile, and check downline details to keep record of Company's growth.
Broad Cast News, Events, Photos And Videos
    • Admin can easily publish News, events, photos and videos dynamically through admin panel to inform the member's about current happenings of the best mlm software company
Quick Incentive Calculation
    • The incentives can be automatically calculated following your business logic which will be reflected in reports. This ultimately results into minimal manual work and optimum resource utilization.
Inventory And Franchise Management
    • Stock room locations and the reconciling of the inventory balances. Admin can create multiple franchises and set the commission to them.
    • Easy consolidate management of virtual bank account. All the reports related with the transaction are available with the facility to export.
E-Pin Management
    • Facility to generate voucher and keep the track record of used/unused e-pin. At a time 25000 e-pins can be generated within few seconds.
Self Replicating Website
    • Member who joins your company will get their own self replicated Web Pages with unique URL.
Auto SMS
    • Real Time Mobile SMS can be sent on any action for e.g. Joining/Sign up, Payout Calculation, Birthday SMS and Award/Reward qualification.
ID Card
    • The complete program life cycle of your MLM software demo Business can be managed by ID Cards where in complete information of the member can be read/write and updated in a secured fashion.
Provision For Tax And Other Deduction
    • Flexible to provide any kind of deduction as per the client requirement.
    • Probuz-Technologies understands the security and Importance of the customer data. Hence Probuz ensure the total secrecy and security of its customer data doing the process of back office management.