• Student id (Unique) to every newly admitted in online school managament software.
    • Admission details.
    • Student details.
    • Facility to scan and store Compulsory Documents
    • Photograph can be stored.
    • Previous academic record.
    • Address details such as permanent, correspondence, guardian etc.
    • Guardian details.
    • Academic fees receivable generation at the time of admission.
    • Other fee charges can be made applicable.
    • Result status.
    • Keeps track of student's attendance in class. Generates defaulter list as per predefined parameters.
    • Accepts fees and generates fee receipts. Maintains individual fee-head ledger. Displays up- to- date fee status.
    • Creates useful MIS reports like daily fees received, outstanding amount, defaulter list etc


    • Unique Id to every employee with Unique Username and Password for Login facility will be provided in best school managment Software in 2018.
    • All the transactions are recorded, against the id only.
    • Grade wise, designation wise allocation.
    • Working types such as permanent, temporary and part time etc.
    • Personal Information.
    • Facility to scan and store Compulsory Documents such as Address Proof, Id proof etc.
    • Office information covers dept, Job profile, grade, etc.
    • Photograph of the employee.
    • Complete educational software Qualifications details.
    • Previous exp in other and this organisation.
    • Personal Details covers the place of place caste, gender etc.
    • Multiple address details such as permanent, correspondence.
    • Physical details covering handicapped.
    • Status
    • Parent Details
    • Children details
    • Family Details
    • Processes salary of employees based on configurable components. Employees can view salary slip. Customizable deductions such as PF.
    • Generates reports like Form 16 for IT deductions, statements for PF deductions. Generates monthly salary statement as per predefined format.


    • Entry of Existing Book.
    • This unique library management integrated with the other relevant modules of the software, It manages all the activities carried out in a standard institutional library.
    • Accept requisition slips.
    • Print purchase order for suppliers.
    • Subscription expiry and renewal reminders for periodicals.
    • Robust search engine (OPAC) for quick search by title, subject, author, keywords, publisher or year of publication.
    • Issue-return function supported by Bar Code if Required**(T & C)
    • Maintain updated General Catalogue.
    • Generate subject-wise/ author-wise lists.
    • Generate year wise Acquisition list / written off material list.
    • Automatic record of fine imposed / dues receivable from members against late return of books and periodicals.
    • Record of books / periodicals sent for binding.
    • Search engine FOR STUDENTS by Title, Author, Publisher, Book Editor, Edition Year, Subject.


    • Accepts requisition from different departments/departmental heads.
    • Generates quotations or request to be sent to empanelled vendors/ suppliers for stock.
    • Quotation Comparison.
    • Generates purchase order to be sent to the vendors.
    • Keeps track of goods received and integrates with stock and inventory module.
    • Maintains item-wise vendor lists.
    • Goods Return Reports.
    • Issue Report.
    • Loss Report.
    • Stock Report.


    • Facility for College / Hostel admin to create Rooms and their Charges(As per Hostel Terms)

Building Information

    • Hostel Name and type girls, boys and staff etc.
    • Hostel location.
    • Number of floors and rooms.

Room Information

    • Room Strength.
    • Room assets and details.
    • Room facilities.

Student Information

    • Student Details.
    • Room allocation/availability.
    • Room shifting.
    • Student In & Out Attendance.
    • Mess Bill collection & hostel bills master.
    • Maintenance charges & repair.
    • Daily expenses of hostel.

Visitor's record

    • Add details of visitors with their vehicle number, purpose of visit, person to visit, in & out time etc..

Reports [Tracking visitors by using the following criteria]

    • Vehicle number.
    • Name.
    • Person to meet.
    • Company. Time
    • Time.


    • Facility for School Management to add details of all Buses (Bus No., Driver Name, Conductor Name etc)
    • Facility for School Management to create Bus Route and fees according to route
    • Facility to add collect fees from students accordingly
    • Bus No
    • Bus Driver Number


    • General accounting reports - Ledgers, Cash book, Bank book, Purchase register, Sales register etc. Integrated with fees and admission modules


    • Facility to send sms / Email through software such as Fees Payment / Attendance / Exam , Meetings, Seminars etc to Students, Parents/Guardians, Employees, management etc.**(T&C)


    • All types of MIS reports
    • Customized reports can be added as per clients requirement

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